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Art Reaching Out provides students with hands-on experience through glass art. Glassblowing ignites the imagination, illustrates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum, and offers life lessons. Students witness the magic of hot glass, then make a small blown glass piece themselves with the assistance of instructors through our hands-on workshop. Glass is an awe-inspiring material that teaches patience and being present while bringing physics, chemistry, material science, technology, and engineering to life. ARO targets students in grades 6-12 in underserved communities.

Our programs address various TEKS and NGSS topics. Join us for a fun and extraordinary experience!

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STEAM Workshop

Instructors will provide a brief introduction to the studio and to blown glass art before conducting an item demonstration, which could be a bowl, miniature vase, paperweight, or flower. While conducting the demonstration, the instructor will also include how art and science, technology, engineering, and math can coincide in the creation of blown glass art. Afterwards, the students will participate in a hands-on glasswork experience to create one glass item with the assistance of the instructors.

Community Installation

Organizations will work with art glass professions in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to design and make a glass sculpture for display in their communities.

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