Working with Medrano Middle School through Big Thought

Film by Turk Studio

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AVA – Show with Big Thought and Medrano Middle School

ARO woked with Francisco Petro Medrano Middle School through Big Thought’s “Thriving Minds” after school program in an effort to create a piece for an elite Dallas show which raises money for non profits, Big Thought being the chosen one for this specific year.

Titled, “Horizons” this collaborative piece was created with the help and guidance of Carlyn Ray, Carlyn Ray Designs, Emily Teng Yan, participating artists and the Medrano “Thriving Minds” program.

The students came to visit Carlyn Ray Designs and were exposed to the fire, light, science, and chemistry of glass.

A few days before, Carlyn spoke in the classroom about glass, showed them photos of her work, and spoke to them about her journey and how she became a glass blower. She elaborated on how when she began and still now, there are not many women blowing glass, especially in Europe. 

They made and were apart of the creation of the glass ribbons which hung from the ceiling.

The students came over to listen to John Christian and his father talk about their paths to becoming welders/fabricators and also how a project runs from start to finish. As JC said, “In this shop, you are only limited by your imagination.” 

At Omniplan, Emily brought together several different speakers to talk about the different roles people have within the firm. They each talked to the students about how they were initially attracted to the profession and the hard work which brought them there. We had a female speaker talking about her job working on the interior layout and materials chosen for the buildings.

During our Arts District field trip, our final destination was to view our collaborative piece which was on display at One Arts Plaza.  During its reign of being on display for all to view, the 'Artist vs Architect' event happened on a Friday night and the piece was auctioned off to raise money for the beneficiary - Big Thought.  We were thrilled to have the bids going between gallery owner Michael Heinlen and top Dallas Designer Mary Ann Smiley.  Mary Ann Smiley put in the last bid and bought this wonderful piece for her client's ranch house in Gunter, Texas.  Mary Ann Smiley really has an eye, it fit perfectly in her client's kitchen!

Installed at a beautiful ranch house out in Gunter, TX.

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