YWPN 2019

"Rising Up"

Rising Up

Sparks of Sisterhood


Connected in sisterhood, united we rise.


We the sisters of Young Women’s Preparatory Network rose up together to create this fused glass installation.  We created this piece by cutting shards of colored glass and arranging them into the three rising figures.  The meaning is intertwined in both the piece and experience of the camp itself— that being the power of sisterhood and the spark ignited by the inspiration of a powerful female role model, Carlyn Ray.


These three sisters all fueled by their innovation, creativity and determination support and help each other blossom into leaders for the next generation.


The YWPN has been a foundation for young leaders like us across the state of Texas and has supported experiences such as Art Reaching Out, the glass blowing STEAM Camp where this piece was created.  The YWPN continues to spark a girl’s journey and create an eternal sisterhood where driven girls learn the importance of uplifting each other to greater heights.

Young Women's Preparatory Network worked with Art Reaching Out and Carlyn Ray Designs to give students from Irma Rangel YWLS and YWLA Fort Worth an opportunity to create a fused glass art installation and learn STEAM through interactive labs at a 4 day long camp.

YWPN 2019 Snap, Crack, and Twist

Students learned about how the microstructural molecular composition of a material affects its macrostructural strength.

YWPN 2019 How Far Can You Stretch Glass?

Students observed how glass is a phase of matter unto itself, neither a solid nor a liquid.

YWPN 2019 Green Hot, Red Hot, Blue Hot, Why Not?

Students discovered how temperature and element type affect how glass gains its color.

YWPN 2019 Beautiful Glass

Students learned about atomic energy orbitals and the reason that different elements emit different colors when heated or excited.

YWPN 2019 Light - Bending Magic

Students studied how the macrostructure of glass can be used to bend light to achieve various methods of image correction and information transfer.

"We started with making a choice on the design and color palette with the guidance of Carlyn and her team.  Then we split into smaller groups and gradually made progress..."


After the piece was fused in our kiln, we applied hardware to the back and hung it at Young Women's Prep Network home office.

Each student had the opportunity to create their own glass art in our hot shop.

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A Thank You to High-Tech High Heels

Art Reaching Out and Young Women's Preparatory Network thank High-Tech High Heels for their generous donation and support of this year's 2019 STEAM camp.

Because of High-Tech High Heel's generosity, Art Reaching Out was able to develop and provide STEM based curriculum and hands-on science labs for the students.

Below are some heartfelt letters of gratitude the students from YWPN wrote to High-Tech High Heels.

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