Green Hot, Red Hot, Blue Hot, Why Not?

Green Hot, Red Hot, Blue Hot, Why Not?

      Students heated powdered borax to create lass beads on different types of wire. The girls learned that Borax is a crystalline material that contains a large amount of water. When the girls heated the borax on different metal wire, the water was removed and the borax changed from a crystalline structure to an amorphous material creating a glassy solid.

     Borax, like glass, has the unique ability to absorb other ions during thermal treatments. The students learned that these ions changed the color of the borax just as different elements added to soda-lime glass change its color and appearance when heated. 

      The girls identified the reducing region of the flame as the blue flame closest to the base and the oxidizing region of the flame as the purple flame furthest from the base. Through different borax bead experiments, the young women concluded that the different regions of the flame contained more or less oxygen and resulted in different colored beads. 

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