Design and Creation

"We started with making a choice on the design and color palette with the guidance of Carlyn and her team."
-Laura A.
The girls from YWPN thought about each design element and what it would represent. Each student sketched an idea and presented it to the group.
Carlyn Ray showed the girls the different colored glass they could use for the project.
The girls came together in groups to refine their ideas.
"Gold frit connects the 3 by sprinkling embers through all stages of sisterhood, passing knowledge and experience to each other"
The students decided which colors would be on each figure.
Cutting Glass
"Designing a glass panel for the YWPN office gave us an opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation."
-Diana V De La Paz
The girls took every design aspect into consideration including the orientation on the wall.
Final Sketch
After some deliberation, the group came together to agree on a design.
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"Every girl holds an internal flame rekindled by her passions and the support of a family and her sisterhood.  The YWPN has been a stepping stone for dozens of girls across Texas and has supported experiences such as Art Reaching Out- the glassblowing camp where the piece was created.

The YWPN continues to light up girls journey and creating an eternal sisterhood where girl’s learn to be their sister’s keeper."

-Veronica Ledezma

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