Assembly and Installation

Creating and Designing
"We cut glass, stacked the pieces together, and layered on the frit, it was all based upon our interpretation and meaning of unity, undying sisterhood, and its encouragement to the celebration of our roots and how we grow and uplift each other to greater heights."
"Gold frit connects the 3 by sprinkling embers through all stages of sisterhood, passing knowledge and experience to each other."
"A group of young women attending two YWPN schools (Irma Lerma Rangel YWLS and the Fort Worth YWLA) wanted to express the unity and bonds created in our schools. Through this piece we wanted to express how each and everyone of us has an inner light (flame) and how we carry that flame throughout our different stages of life."

Carlyn Ray carefully aligned the templates on the wall at Young Women's Preparatory Network's office.
After lining up the template, Carlyn drilled holes and installed the hanging hardware to the wall.
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Rising Up

Sparks of Sisterhood


Connected in sisterhood, united we rise.


We the sisters of Young Women’s Preparatory Network rose up together to create this fused glass installation.  We created this piece by cutting shards of colored glass and arranging them into the three rising figures.  The meaning is intertwined in both the piece and experience of the camp itself— that being the power of sisterhood and the spark ignited by the inspiration of a powerful female role model, Carlyn Ray.


These three sisters all fueled by their innovation, creativity and determination support and help each other blossom into leaders for the next generation.


The YWPN has been a foundation for young leaders like us across the state of Texas and has supported experiences such as Art Reaching Out, the glass blowing STEAM Camp where this piece was created.  The YWPN continues to spark a girl’s journey and create an eternal sisterhood where driven girls learn the importance of uplifting each other to greater heights.



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