Young Women's Preparatory Network brings students from Irma Rangel of Dallas and Young Women's Leadership Acadamy of Fort Worth to Art Reaching Out 


Group Photo
Artist Demonstration
Group Photo
Fused Piece

YWPN Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support single-gender, college-preparatory, public education in Texas and beyond, giving young women the academic and leadership skills to achieve success in college and in life.  We partner with public school districts to create and support all-girls with a focus on leadership, college readiness, and health and wellness.  Young Women’s Preparatory Network works within the system to amplify the impact of the public dollar by funding enhancements to the public school curriculum.

Lee Posey, Founder of YWPN:

“If the young women that we have helped reach out to others, then that means it has worked.  We share a dream of them working to influence others, as we have tried to do.  If that happens we have walked with a purpose.”