Hockaday SPRING  & SUMMER 2013

Spring 2013

  • Idea Boards were created with the student body to begin brainstorming

  • Worked with GFF to see what space is available in the Centennial builiding

  • Carlyn met regularly with art students to continue brainstorming 

    • ​The students choose the site

  • Discussed Engineering parameters

  • Collaborated with GFF to understand cable attachment points above the ceiling while under construction

  • Wall reinforced for attachment points

Spring & Summer 2013

  • Corning Museum of Glass

    • Susan Sanders and Patti Black take glass classes at Corning Museum of Glass for teacher professional development education

  • Prototypes

    • At Hockaday, Susan Sanders works on prototypes of molds and presents process to the girls.

  • 2 day work shop

    • The girls fill the molds for the tiles and take field trips to Carlyn's studio to experience and pull out glass, learn to weld metal and listen to the gong played by Kenny Kolter (to experience the environment of the art/ studio/ learning Carlyn's personal artistic approaches)

  • Girls come back to Hockaday and heat up the glass threads they made and use them in thier personal tiles

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