Irma Rangel 9th-12th Grade

"Carving Our Own Path"

We, the students of classes 2019 through 2022 of Irma Rangel, created this piece to represent the journey of our sisters, in both past, present, and future, and how it impacted our community. We started with a concept of peace, growth, and the flow of time. Together we worked up a concept, created a color palette that suited the mood and theme, then began cutting out our glass pieces. Many colors and dimensions were created by stacking the glass before fusing, and working on color layering and complements. The seven stones in the work represent unforeseen obstacles on our paths to success, as well as numerically representing the seven grade levels of our school. The bands of color running across the piece represent the original goals set in place by the foundation and by us as individuals. The waves deviating from those bands are the paths taken after our sisters paved the way. Running through the center of the piece, between the panels are stones of ambition. The golds and greens represent the life, growth, and inspiration. The stones show the silver lining in our obstacles, helping reflect and shine light on who we are and where we’ve been. The act of creating the piece and collaborating with my teammates drove home the idea of community and impact, as well as how small pieces can come together to form a more beautiful whole.

This artwork represents the impact of dreams on the community, and how our paths to success shape those around us.

Emma L, 2020

"We began by brainstorming ideas of what our piece could represent. We paired up to create our own designs. Then, we assembled into a group to discuss our ideas. We managed to combine several of our designs and drew a rough draft of what we envisioned. Then, we chose the color scheme we desired."

Fusing their designs together.

Looking at the design of the piece at Young Women's Preparatory Network's office at One Arts Plaza.

We are deciding placement, the width of panels, and looking at how well it fits into the area.

This is also the time the girls speak about the meaning and symbols within the piece.

The young students from Irma Rangel explored the electromagnetic spectrum of light and learned about light’s mathematical relationships including energy, frequency, and wavelength.

The students learned, through a series of simple experiments, that temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of a substance – the energy of motion.

In the Optics Lab, the students from Irma Rangel investigated the behaviors of waves including reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, resonance, and the Doppler Effect.

The second half of the thermodynamics lab focused on heat transfer. In this lab, the students learned the chemistry and physics involved in heat transfer.


ARO worked with Young Women's Preparatory Network to offer Irma Lerma Rangel (DISD) a STEAM camp in which they worked together and created "Carving Our Own Path", a glass sculpture.

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