Irma Rangel Collaboration 2018

Sketching Ideas
"Making this piece wasn’t for the joy of myself but it was a teaching point in my life that I can do anything I set my mind to if only I believe in myself and also my team."
"We follow paths to success carved by past generations, but making it our own so the generations after know to do that. We are all individual, be we all strive to be successful in whatever makes us unique."
Designing the movement
“Stand out and don’t let anyone drive you. Instead, make your own path.” Changing the world starts with you."
Coloring Hot Glass
"The challenges we face can also spark inspiration and can help us be our own person to carve our own path."
Shaping Hot Glass
"We came together as one unit to create a glass artwork piece inspired by the Trinity River. We choose to create individual unique waves that represented different people taking on different paths in life."
Sculpting Hot Glass
"Fear is not a reckless uncontrolled emotion. It is a feeling that gives you the option of standing up to it, like handling melted glass."
Choosing Colors
“We handpicked blues and greens that resemble the ocean because it is always growing and expanding. Much like the future. “
Full Participation
"Carving our own path for the one’s that follow to see and it takes knowledge to see which paths are a better option."
In The Moment
“Stand out and don’t let anyone drive you. Instead, make your own path.” Changing the world starts with you."
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"The seven stones in the work represent unforeseen obstacles on our paths to success, as well as numerically representing the seven grade levels of our school. The bands of color running across the piece represent the original goals set in place by the foundation and by us as individuals. The waves deviating from those bands are the paths taken after our sisters paved the way. Running through the center of the piece, between the panels are stones of ambition. The golds and greens represent the life, growth, and inspiration left behind. The stones show the silver lining in our obstacles, helping reflect and shine light on who we are and where we’ve been."

Emma L., 2020



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