Hockaday Installation

Prep & Installation

Prep- Hockaday prepared the floors, cleared the area, and arranged work tables for us

Saturday- we unloaded all of the metal tetras, cloud, glass tiles, and panels

  • After a few 'speed bumps' we had the right lift tighty squeezed through the door and positioned in space

  • We removed the ceiling panels and measured the space above

  • From that measurement, we made the cables to length

  • Meanwhile, all of the tiles were organized, checked (quality control), and organized per instruction sheet

  • John Christian Designs measured out the spacing for the 'cloud' and placed eyelets to hang

  • Holes were placed in ceiling tiles for cables to through

  • A winch was installed temporarily to lift the cloud which was quite heavy

  • The winch lifted the cloud and it was attached to the cut cables

  • Winch was removed, ceiling tiles were installed back up and cables were dropped through the holes

  • The supportive cables for the Centennial Sculpture were placed on the cloud

  • We started loading the vines with tiles

  • Some panels broke in the moving process

    • John of the glass team set up shop at Hockaday and prepped more glass panels for several days as they had to set and cure for a while before using​

Loading the Tetras, Tiles and Panels

  • Each group of tetras were labeled with a number or letter

  • Each vine was labeled with how many tiles it should hold and the corresponding attachment points to the tetra

  • When installing the vines and panels, all is installed temporarily, checked, and then permanently rivited in

  • It was a detailed, delicate, and time consuming process.  

  • We are all extremely happy with the results.

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