Episcopal School of Dallas "Ascension" project

Carlyn discovered her path and passion during her time at ESD. Self discovery, community service, spiritual growth was encouraged and nourished during her time at ESD and she felt it a calling to do her first community project back at ESD as a gift to her alma mater and the head master Father Swann who founded and led the school.

The Foundation

Carlyn talked to ESD students about her time at ESD, her journey, and how she would like her first community project to be in the place that gave her that direction and foundation.


The piece is filled with lines from the students answering, "What is success?," "What is happiness?," and "What is the greater good?"

The 5th graders and their senior buddies filled the insides of the feathers with crystals, gold leaf flakes, quotes, their answers, and anything else they were attracted to.  The idea is the law of attraction creates this piece and having a enlightened piece carrying prayers, thoughts, and dreams.

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