ESD Ascension

A Dedication and Gift to Father Swann


It is with love and gratitude that I came back to the Episcopal School of Dallas to create two corresponding projects with the students.  Both of these projects were inspired by my self-realization, personal development, and spiritual relationship that developed during my time at ESD as a student.


The “Reflection Book” is composed of students’ responses to specific questions.   It is a model of a personal journal entry I had after a specific chapel talk by Father Swann about one’s path.  The idea of the “Reflection Book” is about looking inward at one’s personal strengths.  This entails being aware of what actions, deeds, and spaces bring happiness and fulfillment; it also means taking time to appreciate the community and family that guides, supports and loves us along the path of life.  The insightful and beautiful responses of these students is breathtaking!


The “Ascension Chandelier” is a sculpture composed of over two hundred glass feathers decorated by students.  The shape symbolizes intertwining eagle wings, each feather creating the wing.  The eagle is a symbol of a messenger, the holy spirit, between heaven and earth, carrying these messages and intentions to the heavens above.  “You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.” Exodus: 19:4


Each feather was decorated by the 5th grade and 12th grade “buddies”.  They put crystals, beads, gold and metal flakes, actual feathers, and messages inside the glass feathers.  They were also able to etch their names and a specific message of appreciation on the outside of each feather.  This process symbolizes to me the law of attraction, attracting and choosing what is good, beautiful and that which embodies love and then placing this inside.  All together the school is illuminated with love, dreams, messages and intentions of the beautiful future ahead.


Carlyn Ray ‘00

© 2018 by Art Reaching Out.

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