Artist Demonstrations

We started each day with an artist demonstration. During this demonstration, the staff connected the process and nature of glassblowing with STEAM elements such as conduction, convection, thermal radiation, and stress concentration. 

Through conduction, hot glass from our furnace transfers heat to our steel pipes.

Swirling gas transfers heat to glass in the reheating holes by convection.

We have to protect ourselves from heat radiation by wearing sleeves, gloves, and using shields in the hot shop. Heat radiation is given off of the glass in the form of electromagnetic waves, the closer we get to the glass, the more heat we feel.

Stress concentration is experienced when the glass has to be removed from the blow pipe.  A constriction line placed on the glass creates an increased area of stress.  When a small amount of water is dripped onto this line, the cold water shocks the glass creating an area of high stress.  This allows the artist to determine where to break off the glass piece.

All of these STEAM elements are a part of working in a glass blowing studio and creating a finished glass piece of art.



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