Cafe Momentum

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A time-lapse installation of Art Reaching Out's program with Cafe Momentum. The interns' creative vision led the design, creation, and composition of this piece alongside the Carlyn Ray Designs team.

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Café Momentum Interns present

"Shaping Our Path & Reaching for the Stars"

celebrating paths of opportunity.


This art glass sculpture was made possible by

Art Reaching Out, in cooperation with Carlyn Ray Designs,

the Creative Arts Center of Dallas and generously funded

by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs.


"To me, this piece means to meet your success no matter

the trial or error you are being put through.” Brianna

"Don't let the ideas of the past dictate your future.

There are different routes to success.” Kris

“We all have different paths and peace will guide us

to a time when we mature in reality.” Nathan

The students take the reigns on designing their piece. 

"There are different routes to success."

"The paths you choose will help you be better in the future."

- Cafe Momentum's artistic interns

The students use teamwork to pull out the ribbons for their piece to match their design.

"After I gathered glass out of the 2100⁰ furnace, I felt relieved and powerful."

- Cafe Momentum's Artistic Intern

Each intern chose their colors and created a blown or solid touchstone to symbolize the moments and mentors which have helped them stay on this new path towards success.


“At the beginning, I was afraid of making glass but then my instructors encouraged me and I ended up having lots of fun."

Cafe Momentum's artistic intern

After pulling the glass pieces across the wood.  Cafe Momentum's interns arranged the glass in the kiln based on their design.  The kiln was brought up to 1450° and melted together.  Once cooled, the Carlyn Ray Designs's team assembled the glass onto the burnt wood.  The photos show the artistic process from design to completion by Cafe Momentum's interns. 

"Café Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility, transforms young people’s lives by providing a positive environment in which at-risk youth who have spent time in juvenile facilities receive intensive culinary, job and life-skill training, as well as continued mentorship and support, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit restaurant, Café Momentum teaches critical skills that allow youth to apply what they have been taught in pre-release programs in a safe, real-world environment of nurturing accountability. By participating in our program, at-risk young men and women rotate through every aspect of the restaurant from waiting tables to washing dishes, while working side-by-side with established chefs." - Cafe Momentum ​

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