Boys & Girls Clubs 2018

"Home for the Holiday Seasons"

Love Field Display "Home for the Holiday Seasons"

13 glass cases in the hallway leading to the baggage claim at Love Field Airport were filled with beautiful glass pieces made by the students of the Boys & Girls Clubs.  Pictures and descriptions of all the STEAM curriculum also filled the cases, letting viewers understand what a great learning experience each student had while making their beautiful glass pieces.

Artist Demonstrations

The Boys & Girls Clubs had four different clubs from the Dallas area visit the studio at Dallas Glass Art. Carlyn Ray and her assistant, Clay, did a full hot glass demonstration. During this hot glass show, Genna described the process of glassblowing and how the process related to STEAM.

Blowing and Sculpting Glass

The students witnessed the process, creativity, and skill required to manipulate molten glass.  After watching a glass demonstration, each student created either a fall or winter item.  The students enjoyed blowing glass pumpkins, and icicles.

Cutting, Arranging and Fusing Glass

Each student learned how to handle broken glass safely and create their glass design.  The students made leaves, snowflakes and snow angels from fused glass.  Each student had to cut the glass and arrange it to assemble their own art piece.  The design was then placed in a kiln and heated up to temperatures around 1,500 degrees F.  This heat caused the glass to fuse together to become one beautiful and unique piece.

Prince Rupert's Drop and Glass Experiments

The students witnessed science in action as different glass experiments exploded and cracked before their eyes. These experiments involved science, physics, and heat!

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.​

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