ARO worked with the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School to create a three-day camp for the students. The camp was designed as a STEAM project to teach the girls about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 

The Carlyn Ray Designs team with help from Ashley Carter, the educational coordinator and leader at Carter Science Institute, Susan, Emily, Annemarie, Scott, and Mrs. B worked together to facilitate the three-day camp.


We started off day one by having the girls split off into small groups and asking them to choose an element from the ten we had selected. At the school, five groups rotated through different stations where they researched their element with Mrs. B, decorated their plaque at the wood burning station with Genna, made snap circuit boards with Kate, explored the visible light spectrum with Michelle, and learned about thermodynamics with Kyle. Each station included experiments and curriculum that illustrated how STEAM principles are used in everyday life.


The remaining five groups came to the studio to perform the flame test with Carlyn, weld their mounting brackets and spacers with JC, blow a glass bubble using their groups element as the color with Clayton, sculpt glass flowers with Simon, and fuse a coaster with Susan. Among the activities of the day was the awe-inspiring Prince Rupert’s Drop experiment where hot glass is dripped into water. Once the drip is removed, miraculously, its thickest part cannot be shattered with a hammer yet even the slightest damage to the thin tail will cause the entire piece to explode at a rate faster than one mile per second!

Day two, we switched locations so that each team could visit all ten stations. On day three, Kyle gave an interactive presentation on how the monetary side of a project this size would be handled from a business prospective. This brought the students a greater understanding of how a business is run and all the small pieces that make a big difference in the end. We also helped the students compile what they learned into a short presentation about their element which they performed for the rest of the class. After presentations, it was time to assemble the final piece and mount it on the wall to be displayed for the rest of the school to enjoy!



Art Reaching Out’s 3 day STEAM camp for rising 7th graders was a success and we are excited to share this enthusiasm with all of the students next year at Irma Rangel in a school wide project.  Together with Young Women’s Preparatory Network, we will be working on a project involving all ages and a wide curriculum that bears weight on social issues these young women experience. 


We are also planning partnerships with other non-profits that have similar passions to combine efforts in more schools.  We are really excited about this momentum.